From an Account Executive:

Keely is a highly skilled loan processor who comes with years of experience in the reverse mortgage industry. She is extremely dependable and detail oriented. These are important qualities for a processor due to the time constraints on loans (especially with purchase loans, appraisals expiring, borrowers leaving for vacation, etc). She picks up the phone when a call comes in and  if she misses a call she makes it a priority to return the call. She processes for several of my partners and I hear nothing but
rave reviews. This is a dream come true for a loan officer to have the confidence that he/she can originate more business and  know the processing is in good hands. Our underwriters are very excited to get her loans because they know how well versed  she is and that results in minimal conditions. She also stays on top of FHA changes especially those surrounding Financial  Assessment. I wish all processors had this type of dedication and experience.

From a broker:
Keely was a big part of getting a troublesome file closed. She and the LO addressed each issue working on tight deadlines, kept the contractor informed and set a  target date to get the work complete in order to have enough time to close the loan in June. It all worked out for all concern as planned as a team effort. Had it not been for this effort, this client would not have been able to get a loan from anyone.
We have a great processing system in place. That alone is a huge asset in the Reverse Mortgage industry.
We can separate ourselves from competition to our advantage by providing outstanding service to our RM client. It is noticed, highly valued and will aide in us building a reputation of exquisite customer service.
Reputation is everything.
P.S. Since adding Keely to our team- our loan pull through went from 53% to 79%. The average time it takes to close a loan went from 96 days (industry average at the moment) to 31 days! She is amazing and truly a valued part of this team.